Automatic voltage identification: capable of automatically identifying 12V or 24V voltage, with a wide range of applications;

MPPT function: Adopting maximum power point tracking technology, it can effectively obtain the power of solar cell modules, improve the energy utilization rate of the solar system, and thus charge the battery more efficiently;

Microprocessor controller pulse width modulation (PWM) charging: Optimize the charging process of the battery and extend its service life;

Temperature sensor compensation battery charging: Automatically adjust charging and discharging parameters based on ambient temperature to improve battery performance and lifespan;

Multiple protection functions: including overload protection (with self recovery), overcharge protection, short circuit protection (with self recovery), lightning protection, reverse discharge protection, polarity reversal protection (with self recovery), undervoltage protection, etc. Comprehensive protection functions can avoid controller damage caused by installation errors or system failures;

Suitable for various types of batteries: with good compatibility;

Automatic recognition of day/night: able to automatically determine the ambient lighting situation;

Street light timing control: Some controllers have a street light timing function, and the timing period (1-15 hours) is adjustable. The unique dual period control enhances the flexibility of the street light system;

Pure light control mode: When there is no sunlight and the light drops to the starting point, the controller delays for 10 minutes to confirm the starting signal, turn on the load, and the load starts to work; When the sunlight rises above the starting point, the controller delays for 10 minutes to confirm the shutdown of the output signal and then closes the output, causing the load to stop working;

Light control start+timed shutdown mode: When there is no light, the light intensity drops to the starting point, and the controller delays for 10 minutes to confirm the start signal before turning on the load. After the load works for the set time, it turns off;

Debugging mode: used for system debugging, eliminating the 10 minute delay for judging the output of optical signal control. If there is an optical signal, the output of the load end is turned off, and if there is no optical signal, the output of the load end is turned on, making it convenient to check the correctness of system installation;

Manual switch mode: The output of the load end can be manually turned on and off.

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