Design concept: easy to operate, easy to carry, while being able to cope with various emergencies.
Special features: emergency start and outdoor power and other functions combined, is one of the essential products for family emergency and outdoor travel.

Intelligent luxury full screen
New generation quality premium
With LCD display, power at a glance

ESG 2023 New Product Hot Sale Outdoor Home Use 10W Long Life Deep Cycle Solar Portable Mini System

Model No    ES-TM16E    

Output voltage car starter side    12V    

USB output    5V/1.0A    

Charging input    5V/1.5-2.0A    

Starting current    See product capacity label for details    

Peak current    See product capacity label for details    

Cycle life    3000 times    

Battery capacity    28000mAh    

Charging time    6 hours    

Peak current    6000A    

Applicable temperature range    -20- 60°C    

Meter accuracy    air pressure meter (+/- 1psi or less)    

Working pressure    40psi for car tires    

Discharge volume    >30L/min (tested at 0KG/CM2)    

Product function    Start/pneum/Lighting/Charging    

Start displacement    Unlimited displacement    

Main funtion    Flameout start+Tire    

Additional function    Emergeney lighting/Digital charging    

Product size    210*134*51.8mm    

Product weight    650g    

Simple structure of the system.
Suitable for living in scattered villages or driving travel.
Easy, convenient, quick, safe, green

Operating Instructions:
Car starting steps
Four simple steps, easy to start, for your car to start smoothly please make sure the power is above 75%.
Car starting precautions
1. Make sure that the power indicator of the host must be more than 75% to start the car more smoothly, insert the blue plug of the battery clip into the car start port of the host.
2. Clip the red clip to the battery (+) pole, and clip the black clip to the battery (-) pole.
3. Try to start the car, each control start within 5 seconds, remember not to twist the key for a long time to start, each time after starting need to interval more than 30 seconds, if start 3 times still can not start, please immediately stop the start, check whether the emergency power supply is sufficient or other problems of the car.
4. After the car starts, remove the starter power clip from the car battery within 30 seconds (otherwise it may damage the emergency starter power)
Start the power supply
Long press the power start button for 2~3 seconds to turn on the power, and then long-an power start button for 2~3 seconds to turn off the screen, no operation after turning on the power for 60 seconds to automatically turn off the power.
No operation after the power on 60 seconds automatically turn off the power.
Switching air pump mode
Long press the power start button for 2~3 seconds to turn on the screen, click the setting key to switch the car / motorcycle / bicycle / basketball inflatable mode. If you need different air pressure you can press the plus and minus keys to increase or decrease the air pressure output.
LED lighting
LEB light in three gears: strong light / warning flash / SOS rescue. Click the lighting switch Jian for strong lighting. Click again for the warning flash. Click again for SOS rescue, and then click to stop.

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